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Global Overview

Spider is the Ikusi integrated platform that centralizes, processes and uses data in real time, transforming it into information with business intelligence tools.

Advanced Display

Spider offers a global overview of the city from a map that provides different browser functions (zoom, satellite view, high contrast, etc.)

The map displays real-time geo-referenced data from all the systems deployed in the city. This way, users can browse through the data layers and find out the status of each municipal service.


Access to the details area is over the control panels, which show the main indicators (KPIs) affecting that column:

  • Values in time graphs.
  • Value indicators such as "car dashboard".
  • Aggregate graphs (pie charts, etc.) giving breakdowns of referenced data.

Strategic Planning

Spider displays the evolution of the indicators associated to the city's key objectives extracted from the Smart City Plan, the Urban Mobility Plan or the objectives defined by the municipality itself. These will be medium-term objectives for parameter tracking.

From where is spider managed?


The municipal management center is the physical space that houses the physical management platform, the management platform, and the work posts for the staff charged with operating it.

The MMC runs the city's main operating systems and ensures delivery of its municipal services.

Spider urban management platform

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