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Ikusi develops innovative technological solutions and services that respond to the present and future needs of the city and its residents, facilitating different measures to control and measure urban mobility as well as deliver services. 

Discover all our systems

Public information system

Data posting on multiple devices such as TFT monitors or LED panels. Automatic public address system to generate acoustic information messages.

Traffic measurement systems

Systems for non-intrusive traffic data capture based on different complementing technologies such as video analysis, license plate readings or laser.

Smart parking

Smart parking solutions in real time for indoor and surface parking based on video surveillance and analyses.

Pedestrian head count and flow analysis

Management of pedestrian flow by means of multiple systems (wifi, CCTV…)

Spider urban management platform

If you are seeking technological solutions that facilitate a more optimal use of resources, increased security for residents and their property, improved response times and measures, more sustainable urban development, faster and safer transport for pedestrians and vehicles, and participative inclusion in city management itself for residents… Contact us. We will show you our offer in Urban Solutions and find the proposal that best suits your needs.

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