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Ikusi provides unified systems for managing incidents, threats, cases, events and work flows. For the purpose, these integrate the operation of cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection, accreditation, emergency posts, etc. They support video analysis for smart camera operation and offer the most effective response to incidents. They also enable the central management of municipal buildings, unified access management and interoperativity with other agents.

Civic participation

Ikusi has solutions for involving all residents in the processes of participation promoted by public authorities, enabling them to identify problems, concerns or suggestions and at the same time communicate the measures taken to respond to these more efficiently.

Discover all our systems

CCTV with video analysis

Advanced surveillance systems based on a platform offering a CCTV system with digital recording capable of protecting the diverse public areas of the city and adapting to the varying levels of lighting and security.

Emergency alert posts

Based on a vandal-proof post or tower that combines a device (panic button) communicating directly with security forces. The post can integrate video surveillance cameras to transmit real-time images to the police.

Building access control

Flexible, high-performance access control systems that can be adapt­ed to the specific and operational features of each building or facility.

Citizen App

SmartAppCity brings together all the city ser­vices, facilitating access to Municipal Open Data and two-way communication between municipality and residents. The application is available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile operating sys­tems and is adapted for the blind or visually impaired.

Citizen Services (services for residents and tourists)

The application enables users to benefit from direct access to all the information of value based on their specific interests, from shop offers and promotions at the disposal of the public to tourist events that optimize visitor experience.

Spider urban management platform

If you are seeking technological solutions that facilitate a more optimal use of resources, increased security for residents and their property, improved response times and measures, more sustainable urban development, faster and safer transport for pedestrians and vehicles, and participative inclusion in city management itself for residents… Contact us. We will show you our offer in Urban Solutions and find the proposal that best suits your needs.

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