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Ikusi seeks the most optimal management for the energy resources of cities through the integration of their energy systems and the monitoring of energy balances for different public services as well as municipal buildings.

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Smart lighting

Ikusi proposes a public lighting system based on LED technology enabling individual control of luminaires, measurement of the different electrical parameters, alarm detection and the optimization of lighted areas.

Environmental sensors

​​​​​​​Sensors with no physical infra­structure that capture and provide data on diverse parameters, such as smart sensors for the measurement and control of temperature, noxious gas density, light pollution and other factors affecting environmental management and climate change.

Smart irrigation systems

Smart irrigation management by means of humidity sensors. The system processes the data and authorizes irrigation when really necessary. This saves water, facilitating the proper use of hydrological resources.  

Energy efficiency for public buildings

​​​​​​​Smart meters that identify consumer habits to determine measures for improvement and selection of more economic rates, which also enable breakdown detection and the measurement of possible leakages.

Water consumption

Smart volumetric meters to determine patterns of consumption and distribute water more effectively, locating leaks or interruptions in the distribution network.

Waste bin monitoring

​​​​​​​Smart solution for managing solid urban waste through two-way communication between the infrastructure (collection points) and operators. Equipping bins with sensors will enable them to send real time data on their capacity levels, such that operators are able to configure collection routes more efficiently.

Transforming centers

Urban electric substations for medium- to low-voltage power transformation and distribution. The stations may be designed (prefabricated) and protected to meet temporary as well as permanent needs.

Spider urban management platform

If you are seeking technological solutions that facilitate a more optimal use of resources, increased security for residents and their property, improved response times and measures, more sustainable urban development, faster and safer transport for pedestrians and vehicles, and participative inclusion in city management itself for residents… Contact us. We will show you our offer in Urban Solutions and find the proposal that best suits your needs.

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