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Geo-referenced Display

This function allows for the real-time geo-referenced supervision and monitoring of all municipal services with the latest data taken from the system.

It also allows for the visualization of alarms, indicators, lines etc, almost in real-time, guaranteeing optimum performance and is a readily available tool.



The objective is to show an integrated panel which quickly and visually sums up the current system situation. The vision is both holistic as well as particular for each component or municipal service.

The integrated dashboard includes ( strategic) management indicators which are relevant for correct service management.


Strategic plans

Spiders shows the evolution of these indicators associated with key city objectives, taken from the Plan Smart City, Urban Mobility Plan or defined by the City Hall. They are medium to long-term objectives, the evolution of which must be put into parameters.

The indicators establish what the percentage of compliance with the plan is. For each objective, the detail of the planned action is given ( eg: for public transport, to increase the number of bus users, decrease the use of private vehicle use, etc).

Given that the objectives are usually multi-annual, follow up can be done on either an annual basis or for the total of the plan.



From the control panel, where the key indicators (KPIs) of this municipal service are shown, the details area is accessed.

For each indicator, or indicator panel ,a system of traffic lights and graphs is defined, which, along with a simple colour code allows the user to interpret the data , to measure the degree of compliance and the deviation from the expected data. This is both visual and intuitive.



Data analytics for the conduct of multidimensional and predictive analyses based on information gathered and stored, providing an added value for the different agents involved and enabling them to anticipate situations of conflict.


Reports and statistics on the data stored in various Spider repositories that greatly help municipal administrators analyze the data gathered by the platform to make decisions.


Events Management

Spider offers a global overview of the city from a map that provides different browser functions (zoom, high contrast, etc.).

The systems Spider directly operates can also send field alarms to the operators, manually in this case.

To cope with critical or hazardous situations, Spider makes it possible to configure action protocols whereby operators are instructed on the actions to take in order to restore the proper operation of a service.


Information Publication and Dissemination

Open Data Portal:

A web portal where the city’s open data is published (in connection with transparency). This is a web portal based on the Fiware CKAN component separate from the Spider application proper.


A calendar where all the events and activities scheduled in the city may be reviewed.

Social networks:

Integration tool with social network monitoring and supervision functions based on prior configuration (for instance, the social network dissemination of an event organized by the municipality).