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A Smart City in Mérida

A Smart City in Mérida

In collaboration with Cisco, and under coordination by the IT department of the Municipality of Mérida, Ikusi will be developing the project, “Mérida Urban Lab” – a project to increase urban living quality and improve economic development in different areas of the city.

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The Project

The project consists of deploying cameras and air quality and noise sensors to provide data to be monitored and analyzed in real time by the Ikusi Spider platform.
The implementation of this system will help to ascertain the number of people and vehicles circulating around the markets, detect the presence of greenhouse gases, light conditions and sound volume, and as well obtain weather and vehicle traffic forecasts, thanks to reports from the National Weather Services and Google.
This project seeks to improve urban living quality and public services with alerts on high traffic congestion, optimizing security with the reinforcement of preventive police units and increasing visits to the area, to generate a beneficial impact on the local trading economy.